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The Writing Coach & Tutor for Students & Writers
Writing Packages are a writing coaching program where I will work with you through Coaching Sessions to develop your writing goals and implement a plan for getting there.

Packages include tailor-made lessons to further your knowledge of English and Creative Writing. Coaching Sessions and supportive Email Exchanges enhance these lessons. Additionally, you get to either create a new writing project or work on an existing one in which you receive the benefits of a full Writing Critique.

Coaching Sessions are one-on-one time between you and me.
  • In Hardin County, KY? We can meet in a public place such as a library, a coffee shop, or a restaurant. Or in a place convenient for you.
  • Outside of Hardin County, KY? Sessions are completed via video chat services (Yahoo!, Google Hangout, Skype), phone calls, or Instant Messaging.

Writing Packages are for :
  • Parents who want to provide a solid foundation for their child’s writing abilities whether for essays, papers, or to nurture their creative ideas.
  • Homeschool parents looking for an in-depth course tailored and designed for their child’s homeschool curriculum either in English or Creative Writing.
  • Students of all ages who seek to improve their writing skills.
  • Blossoming writers of all ages who want to learn the craft of creative writing and get an honest, but encouraging review of their work.
  • Seasoned writers wanting to improve their craft and get an honest, but encouraging review of their work.

Note: Writing Packages last four weeks (20 days, which excludes weekends and all Federal holidays) with no more than 50 submitted pages of your writing project.If you need to add more, please let me know during our initial consultation.

I offer a full satisfaction guarantee for all packages.


Thank you for choosing me as your Writing Coach!