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  • If you need tutoring services, we will decide on the date, time, and location during the initial consultation.
  • Please make your payment before the prearranged date and time.
  • We mutually agree on a price and all dates for services to be completed.
  • I provide you with an invoice with these same details.
  • We sign a contract and you pay ½ of the agreed upon price. *Exception, if your service is $20 or less I require full payment.
  • You email your writing project to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as an attached Word document (.doc or .docx). Put your name, the Service name (Just Editing or
    Writing Critique or Writing Package), and your word count in the subject. For example:

    Subject: Shanon D. Huston-Willis, Writing Critique, 3,000 words
  • I email you a confirmation of your payment and writing project.
  • For Just Editing and Writing Critique, I will deliver your writing project back to you no later than on the agreed upon day with a second invoice requesting final payment.
  • For Writing Packages, we will conduct our Coaching Sessions on the agreed upon dates and I will deliver all drafts (if applicable) and final papers back to you no later than on the agreed upon day(s). On the last day of our writing coaching month, I will provide you with a second invoice requesting final payment.


Thank you for choosing me as your Writing Coach!