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Do you need a Writing Coach?

Do you have a writing assignment due? Perhaps you’ve written an essay for your World Civilizations class or a short story for English. Or maybe you just have some ideas or stories that you’ve written down but you’d like a trained pair of eyes to look it over and provide some worthwhile feedback. You might be looking for a Writing Coach.

What is a Writing Coach?

Traditionally, a Writing Coach is a guide—someone who helps a writer plan every step of the writing project without doing the actual writing. Sometimes the student or writer has a project completed, but it needs an experienced writer to look it over. That’s when a Writing Coach can help. As the Writing Coach here at Literary Dawn, I offer a wide array of tutor and critique services for students and writers.

Why have a Writing Coach?

Whether you’re writing an essay, a memoir or the next bestseller, the written word is subjective and complex. My goal is to gently guide you through the nuances of the English language, developing your writing skills. I do this with Love Notes & Help Notes.

However, I am not just a tutoring service and I am not just a critique service. As a Writing Coach offering comprehensive Writing Packages, I provide one-on-one sessions that facilitate the flow of learning to help students and writers set writing goals, meet those goals, and continue beyond with new skills to meet future writing requirements.

About The Writing Coach

I’m a professional writer and Creative Writing instructor with literary and academic writing experience…

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